Spray Tanning at Beyond Bronze

Maybe you’ve heard all the buzz about spray tanning and are wondering what it’s all about!

For a number of reasons, sunless tanning (also known as spray tanning) is on the rise. While we are strong supporters of healthy exposure to UV, many are interested in a UV-free option that also involves much less time in a salon.

Spray tanning at BEYOND BRONZE takes at the most 15 minutes. After that, there’s no waiting time – you have gorgeous color instantly that lasts for 5-7 days with no additional maintenance (some tans last longer – it depends on each individuals skin). Want to extend your beautiful glow even longer? Ask about our front desk consultant about our amazing sunless products.

If you have more questions about spray tanning, feel free to contact us, or to visit our FAQs page for more info.


  • Single Session – Handheld Tan (by certified staff) – $35
  • Monthly Unlimited – Handheld Tan (by certified staff) – $99
    • requires 6 month commitment
    • price drops to $79/month with 12 month commitment
    • includes 20% discount on all products
  • One Hour Rapid Tan – Handheld Tan (by certified staff) – $55
  • Three Sessions – Handheld Tan (by certified staff) – $90
  • Hydrofirm add-on to any session – $5